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Career Coaching and Career Transition Coaching

If you are planning a career change, ready to advance to the next level, need help with job search strategies or seeking more meaningful work, meeting with a coach is a valuable way to set and achieve your goals for change.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a collaborative process that uses focused conversations and self-directed learning to turn the challenges of a career change into an opportunity for growth.

If you are contemplating a career change, feel stuck at work, want to better integrate work and life commitments, and/or are seeking advancement opportunities, working with a Career Coach is a valuable way to set and achieve your goals for change.

Together we work on discovering your personal strengths and motivators. I will work with you to generate goals, options for change, and an action plan for achieving practical results.

Issues that can be addressed with coaching include:

  • Exploring career possibilities beyond job postings

  • Assessing strengths and areas for development

  • Communicating career interests with confidence

  • Developing a job search strategy

  • Managing the stress of a career transition or job loss

  • Advancing into senior positions including leadership

  • Balancing work and life priorities

  • Marketing, interviewing and networking

  • Moving into self-employment



Career Transition Coaching

If you are currently going through change, retaining a Career Transition Coach is an effective way to support you if you are exiting an organization or if your role has changed. 

Working with a Career Transition Coach helps to identify strengths and to develop strategies for addressing gaps during a job search or career transition. I offer practical guidance for short and long term career  planning, job search  and interview coaching, and ongoing support for managing during a period of change. Throughout the process clients receive objective feedback, a sounding board for new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Areas of focus for coaching include:

  • Understanding the job market and how to conduct a proactive job search

  • Identifying personal strengths, skills, values and interests

  • Communicating effectively to potential employers

  • Generating job search options in different sectors and organizations

  • Decision-making, goal-setting and action planning

  • Developing a presence online and in person

  • Researching potential opportunities beyond job postings

  • Tactical job search strategies

  • Interviewing and networking skills

  • Managing the stress of a job search and/or organizational change

  • Developing a personal wellness plan during a transition

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