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I am a Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Entrepreneur guiding individuals through transitions and transformations.


I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl and a fur mom. I have lived all over the world, Canada, Mexico and England. I LOVE Wine and laughing until it hurts. 

Life isn’t always easy. Like most people, I have had my fair share of life’s challenges and obstacles.

From body image and confidence issues, to fertility struggles, to breaking down barriers, succeeding and dominating market share in a male dominated industry.  To coming out spiritually, recognizing and embracing my own gifts. Then becoming a successful entrepreneur and building a business, trust me I get it.



I feel that all of my experiences help me to relate in some way to my clients which allows me to suggest specific exercises and develop strategies that lead to their success.

My coaching style is honest, direct, compassionate and respectful. It meets where you are at in your journey. My goal as a coach is simple – your success as you define it.


I know a thing or two about career transition. As an Account Executive working within the Staffing and Recruiting Industry, I specialized in working with senior professionals and executives. Some were retiring and looking to get into consulting; some were looking for a career change; and others were laid off due to company mergers and restructuring. Even though all my clients came from different backgrounds, they all needed the same thing: coaching. They have needed someone to help them through their journey and that took the time to understand their needs.


They needed coaching to figure out what they truly loved to do, or even wanted to do, and how to move forward with the next steps. I assisted hundreds of job seekers with career planning and transitional employment strategies. I brought a unique perspective to providing support and a sounding board to people wanting to make positive changes in their life. 


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always connected with spirit. I remember when my grandparents passed away, I was sitting in my room and I could feel them around me. I started communicating with them on a regular basis. As the years went on, I always knew when spirit was around and finally acknowledged that I had a special gift. And I wanted to share it with others.


Being in the sales industry you are constantly under pressure and it was a highly stressful environment. While dealing with some changes at work, I also had two miscarriages due to the stress of both my personal and professional life. I tried everything to try to find some balance, from eating better, going to the gym and different types of meditation. I came across Angel Cards and they immediately resonated with me.  It was comforting to find guidance that helped me work through my own thoughts, providing me with a sense of hope and direction.


I learned how to rise above my fear and grief and work through all those challenges and obstacles. I take pride knowing that I am now able to help others do the same.


Let me be part of your journey.

To get started, schedule a call with me to discover your infinite potential.

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