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Are you going through a transition or seeking a transformation?

"She explains the process clearly and answers questions honestly. I left the session with so much clarity and it truly helped me stay grounded in a very hard in my life."- Andrea, Ottawa, Ontario

"Being coached by Lara over the last two years, I can safely say that she is the reason I am still thriving in my field, pushing towards my career goals."

-Karen, Ottawa, Ontario

"Even if self-reflection is never easy, Lara provides assistance with tools, tricks and various methods that work for you."  

- Julie, Ottawa, Ontario

"Her intuitive readings brought me such a positive insight into my life and enabled me to create concrete action plans which gave me an incredible sense of ease moving forward in a transitional time in my life."   - Maeve, United Kingdom

Let me be part of your Journey


I have always had a passion for helping people. I take pride in knowing that I am able to influence and work with individuals to find inner motivation and intuitive guidance.

As an Account Executive working within the Staffing and Recruiting Industry, I specialized in working with senior professionals who had over 20 years of experience in a specific niche. Some were retiring and looking to get into consulting; some were looking for a career change; and others were laid off due to company mergers and restructuring. Even though all my clients came from different backgrounds, they all needed the same thing: coaching. They needed coaching to figure out what they truly loved to do, or even wanted to do, and how to move forward with the next steps. I assisted hundreds of job seekers with career planning and transitional employment strategies. I brought a unique perspective to providing support and a sounding board to people wanting to make positive changes in their life. 


"Over the last few years, there were times I found myself at a crossroads in my career. During those times, I have reached out to Lara for guidance and received sound career advice, which always helped steer me to my next great opportunity. Being coached by Lara over the last two years, I can safely say that she is the reason I am still thriving in my field, pushing towards my career goals. As a result of our work together I have reached new heights of achievement, and re-invented a successful career in a new city. All that to say, I could not be happier with my decision to be coached by Lara, who is kind, knowledgeable, and a great listener. I cannot imagine accomplishing what I have without her support, encouragement, and expertise. I would recommend Lara to anyone struggling with questions about their life or career, she will be committed to your success."

— Karen Windsor, Principal at Windsor Communications

Whether you have more questions about how I can support you, you’re ready to empower yourself to make a few positive changes, or you want to know more about the types of Spiiritual Readings I offer, please contact me to discuss how my services can help you live to your infinite potential.

I believe in you and offer a free phone consultation for coaching to make sure your goals are clear and that I am the right coach for you.

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