In this unique 30 minute experience, I read a 3 card spread (Past, Present, Future) as well as a 12 month forecast. 


I deliver true messages of love and spiritual guidance. I connect to the angels, guardian angels and archangels to send forth divine messages of truth, hope, love and angel healing. 

Readings are a wonderful way to receive messages, inspiration, and guidance from your Angels and Guides. You can ask your Angels for guidance about any question you have or about any challenge that you may be going through and you will receive the Divine’s answer. Your Angels and guides are there to support and comfort you and will always lead you in the direction of your best and highest good. They want to help. All you have to do is ask!


I have been using different card decks in my own life for quite some time, and now I am honored to be able to offer this beautiful form of Divine connection to you! 30 minutes card readings can be done remotely (skype, online, or over the phone).

Psychic Reading (30 Minutes)

  • Readings can be done remotely (video confrencing, online, or over the phone)

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    I can't wait to read you!